Friday, 19 June 2015

E-Commerce Solutions

IT, which also contains E-Commerce-development is my blood. 

Over the last 10 years I have developed a wide variety of affordable, robust and intuitively designed sites using Magento, WordPress and other platforms.

I know how important it is for Luxembourg Businesses and of course for all other countries, to be able to present, manage, and sell their products securely. My Keysolution offers your company the ability to accept credit card orders in real time, without any complexity or cost usually associated with Luxembourg- E-Commerce.

If you are ready to start selling online then get the absolute best ecommerce platform around coupled with my 10 years ecommerce development experience 

Then take the opportunity of the great offer:

·      Ecommerce Website Design
·      Secure Shopping Cart
·      Product Catalogue
·      Product Layout Flexibility
·      Payment Gateway
·      Search Engine Optimisation
·      Email Accounts
·      Marketing Tools
·      Reporting
·      Mobile-optimized 
·      Technical Support
·      and much more………………. Goodies

And you will find more information in the re-designed website

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