Friday, 26 June 2015

Which color is the right color for your web site - Internet Feng Shui - Part 1

Never underestimate the power of a simple palette. Keep it easy — avoid using too many colors. 

Avoid clutter. The eye is like a muscle, if you overuse it, well, it gets tired. 
If you overwhelm your readers with too many colors, they may lose interest without even knowing why.
Because you know your clients, you know what you are trying to transmit, and color, if used effectively, can speak volumes before you have said a word.

Red is associated with anger, aggression, blood, sex, and power. and stimulates. It drives people to action. Red makes an excellent BUY NOW button Red is exciting & passionate; it is enthusiastic & energetic. You can use that color to heat up your message, but don’t burn your reader. Red is the  most visually dominant color and should be used wisely. An entire page of red could possibly drive your readers away.

Yellow is the first color your eye will see. It commands attention, but, like anything powerful, too much of it will dilute your message and create the opposite effect. Yellow is associated with wisdom, sunshine, joy,intellect & idealism. It is also associated with cowardliness & caution. Yellow speeds the metabolism, but depresses the appetite and can cause nausea in certain shades. Think of yellow like you would your highlighter: Use it for your call-to-action and draw people in. 

Blue is an excellent color choice for spiritual topics, professional corporations, & nonprofit organisations. Blue is associated with water, sky, masculinity, coolness, peace, knowledge, 
contemplation, loyalty, trust, and justice. It is a subdued color and can cause inaction. If you choose a cool blue for your call-to-action, you may be mistakenly talking your buyers out of buying your product—or at the very least causing them to reconsider their decision to buy. 

Green is a smoothing and restful color; it is known to have healing power, and it represents fertility in many cultures. It is associated with nature, the environment, money, growth, harmony, and honesty. It is also associated with greed—green with envy. Physically, it is the easiest on the eyes and is a great color for landing pages—to speak a truth, or to highlight a testimonial.

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