Thursday, 27 August 2015

Feng Shui advise – Part 1 How to get rid of an internet hangover

I'm talking about an ordinary day in the 20th century and Murphy is bored........

Likely you work on the Internet or use it as a major source of information…  or both.  

It is no escaping the online culture and the typical internet hangover starts with a binge of something…

A social media binge that could be prompted by anything from boredom to a social upsetting to a big news story…
A desire to solve a problem that prompts you dive deep into a black hole of information that sucks you into a vortex of links and more links and more Googling… and more and more....  

A simple want to see a video that slides into a parade of ....…

The emails that are relentless and keep you checking and checking and checking…

And unexpectedly, you feel weird.

Internet hangovers are : Blurry,  restless, headache, possibly preoccupied, not very present, a little floaty and decidedly not great.  

Here are some feng shui ideas to get over an Internet hangover.

Break free of an Internet Hangover!

Start the day free of your phone. The first thing you see in the morning sets the tone for your day.  If the first thing you reach fore is our phone to check your emails before you even get out of bed, you are setting yourself up for a day of virtual living.  Let it come later. Give yourself morning time to meditate, to start a new habit of stretching and taking an aromatherapy shower or create your own morning ritual which has nothing to do with the Internet.

Perhaps you have a job that requires you to be online all the time. It is  up to you to carve out even 15 morning minutes to get connected to real life before you throw your attention into a digital screen.

Spend more time outside Even if you work crazy hours, nearly everyone has time for an outside break.  Even in the super cold winter, a treck around a block can do much more to integrate your right and left brain

Walking is both a creative rejuvenation jump-start for your brain and a great way to get grounded.

Take breaks every 50 minutes or so.  If you want to have less hangovers, you have to have less binges.  Set a timer and walk away from your computer (and phone, and tv and everything digital) every 50 minutes or so for at least 15 minutes.  

Check emails at set times every day.  Checking emails like crazy will spin your brain. It is a bad habit, as though every 20 minutes or every hour we expect that we will be told that our greatest wishes have been granted.  Check email less.  When you do check it, respond to and handle every single action required by every email you open.  
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