Tuesday, 26 May 2015

3 Feng Shui Secrets of Web Design

Let me start by telling a quick story. 
Currently, one of the best known Feng Shui user is real estate mogul Donald Trump. After losing clients a few years ago due his properties "apparently bad Feng Shui" he hired a Feng Shui master to analyse the Trump Towers. Eventually the Trump Towers were re-build  and re-designed according to the Feng Shui principle and Donald Trump started again to have success in his business.

If it is good enough for Trump, it should be good enough for your online presence. 

As a web designer, Feng Shui comes naturally. I am always focused on simplicity for visitors; when visiting a website it should be a clear direction as to were to click, where to look and where to focus.

I have seen over the years, countless websites that are as cluttered as a teenagers bedroom – op-tin boxes at the bottom of the page, no clear call to action at the top, affiliate ads everywhere and in different sizes, countdown clocks and calendars tossed randomly on the page as if someone said “Hey, lets put a calendar on our home page – oh and how about one of our customers logo too". 

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